Choosing a fragrant gift for men.

Choose a fragrance when it comes to finding the ideal present for the difficult-to-shop man in your life. While it might be a versatile gift that works for any occasion, men primarily do not wish to splurge on perfumes but also secretly hope that someone will get one for them. Luxury Concepts presents the ultimate collection of perfumes for men – these blockbusters were created with simplicity and discovery in mind. Our fragrance gift sets are furnished with different-sized bottles of their distinctive smell. They can be matched with other matching-scented deodorants, body sprays, body washes, aftershaves, and other grooming necessities.


Aromatique Parfum

Featuring leather as its top note, Aromatique Parfum commands a strong, sensual, delicate and forceful, supple and soft smell, giving it a special touch. Consider the aroma of a leather jacket, suede shoes, the interior of a leather bag, or an antique Chesterfield: all of these smells have wonderful associations. From dark, rich leather to soft, supple suede, the leather accord in our perfumes comes from the smell family, frequently described as dry wood and even has a dry feeling to it. For millennia, the history of scent has been inextricably linked to the smell of leather. Tanners moved to the rural French town of Grasse in the Middle Ages. They conducted brisk business with Italian buyers, primarily from Genoa and Pisa.


Oud Underwater

Experts suggest that in the summer, it would be best to go floral, citric or choose aquatic fragrances, just like Oud Underwater. Fruity Spicy top notes usually comprise citrus and a wicked spice aroma that will help the man nail his look. Citrus scents have tones of lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon grass, and mint that give off a cooling sensation. One only needs to give these incredible scents a quick spritz to feel the vibrant summer energy. As far as spicy is concerned, in the summer, it can be more challenging to pull off a comforting smell without the presence of aquatic. The best fragrance to save you from summer problems is a perfume with the sinister scent of crushed spices. Anything aquatic is a symbol of water’s virtue. It has a distinct aroma made up of fresh, clean, translucent, and airy notes. Oud Underwater typically sports a conventionally fresh and floral composition that falls under this category.



Goodies is specially made from a combination of black currant, bergamot, and pineapple top notes. Black Currant or Ribes nigrum is considered both noble and mysterious. The berry fruit by itself is unique to the northern hemisphere. It has an exceptional combination of sweetness and acidity and has a fresh, slightly flowery, and foresty aroma. Bergamot is a delicate and nuanced aroma sometimes referred to as “the greatest blossom of citrus.” The fragrance is one of the most well-known smells in the perfume industry. It is fruity, acidulous, and fresh with bitterness and mildly floral, setting it distinct from other citrus notes.

Note: More than 80% of the essential oil is produced in the Southern Italian region of Calabria, where bergamot trees have thrived for the past 600 years. These plants are said to be a natural cross between a lemon and bitter orange or lime trees.

Because of its freshness and sweetness, the pineapple note is frequently utilised as a top note in the world of fragrance. When paired with other fruity and flowery notes, it serves as the heart note in several perfumes. The pineapple blossom note, a rare variation of the pineapple note that likewise ranks among the top fragrance notes, is a subtype of the pineapple note. Pineapples denote passionate summer nights and romantic, exotic getaways because they embrace the lovely sun rays and accumulate tempting, strange sweetness.


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