Creative and Bespoke Design

We take pleasure in taking the time to learn everything there is to know about your perfume line’s requirements. Our private label services are designed to capture each client’s distinct image and style while also allowing them to apply their brand identification on a high-end perfume line that generates significant revenue and consumer loyalty.

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Goodies Perfumes in Dubai

We Create Beautiful Fragrance Experiences

Manufactured & assembled in Dubai

We are passionate about discovering your brand’s needs so you can provide your customers with the luxury they deserve. Every step of the process is handled by our experts, from scent development and testing to packaging design and bottling.

What Makes Us Unique

Perfect solution for your private label perfume

At Luxury Concepts, we are passionate about our work and believe in providing our clients with high-quality, one-of-a-kind services. This is why we have a fantastic team dedicated to bringing to life every scent you desire for your perfume line. We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, including some of the world’s most prominent perfume houses, celebrities, iconic fashion brands, and entrepreneurs, and we’re ready to help you launch your perfume line.

Expert fragrance design and formulation
that reflects your brand’s core focus
Creative bottle design
that combines in perfect harmony with best in class manufacturing
Packaging design and printing
that brings your branding to life
Production, filling, and packaging
all taken care of in house by one company
Comprehensive support
from a team with decades of priceless experience


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